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Our Mission

California Conservatory's mission is to make a safe and supportive environment for our students while teaching them the proper technique of dance. We want to make sure your kids are getting the best level of dance education, which is why all of our teachers are highly trained with professional experience. We want to see our kids succeed and build a community. As a community, we give our students tools not only for dance but for their future. Discipline, drive, and teamwork are major tools our students leave our studio with every day. Our studio is more than a dance studio, it's a family.

About Our Studio

We have 2 studios your children will be taking class in. Your children's safety and well-being is our top priority. That is why both floors are sprung dance floors topped with marley to make sure your kids are able to dance safely. A sprung dance floor provides cushion underneath the flooring to help ensure our students and staff joints are protected while dancing. 

Both studios have full length mirrors for the the students to check how they doing in class and make adjustments. 

We also provide props for our students to use during class, such as: yoga blocks, yoga balls, hula hoops, ribbon sticks etc. We use these to help enhance your child's dance ability with flexibility, strength, and creative dance. 

Meet Our Teachers 
Ms. Lara 
Bio Coming Soon
Ms. Christine
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Ms. Fernanda 
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