COVID-19  Information

Hello Everyone!


All of the staff here at CCPA hopes everyone has been safe and healthy during these past couple months and can’t wait until we can be reunited with our dance family.  We are excited to announce that our reopening date will be Monday, June 15th, 2020!  In this email you will find the, “CCPA COVID-19 Protocol” and the, “CCPA COVID-19 Schedule of Classes”.  For those of you that may not be ready to join us in person, please let us know, and we will have the instructor include your child in the class virtually, with either Facebook Messenger or Zoom.  In addition, please understand that these are preventative measures and CCPA will be following the, “Safer L.A.: Toolkits for Businesses”, if you would like to know more please follow this link: .

CCPA COVID-19 Protocol:

Drop Off/Pick-Up

  • In order to minimize contact in the studio, no parents will be allowed in the studio. All parents will be asked to bring their student to the studio door/black gate for drop off and pick up.

  • ALL Students must have a face mask that is secure

  • Ages 7 & under: Are to be dropped off GATE SIDE (staff/back parking lot)= Miss Sarah will be outside to greet all of our little ones at the black gate

  • Ages 8 & up: Are to be dropped off STREET SIDE = on Devonshire and to stand on an “X” 

  • ALL Students will have their forehead scanned prior to entrance ***if your child has a fever they will be sent home, so please do not drive off until you see them enter the studio***

  • ALL Students will be given a drop of hand sanitizer prior to entering the studio

  • Each student be allowed ONE SMALL BAG, enough to fit that day’s shoes, cover-ups, water and snack

  • There will be no sharing of anything - food, water, clothes, shoes

  • At the end of class, the instructor will lead the students out of the door they entered

  • Please be early to pick up, if the instructor has to wait, you will be charged their CCPA pay rate for their time

General Operations

  • Please double check that your child has the correct shoes, the “Studio Borrow Bin”, will NOT be available

  • NO bare feet for any class 

  • Please have your child use the bathroom prior to leaving for the studio

  • Upon entering the studio, each child will proceed to a designated area to put their belongings and a designated spot to stand (adhering to the “6 ft. Social Distancing” rule)

  • For extra safety, we will be locking all doors during class

  • For the time being, there will be no Front Desk Personnel, so if you have any questions, please email